In the late 1980s, an idea was conceived for an economic development tool that would draw new money to Hattiesburg. That idea was a volunteer group of business and community leaders who would put their experience, business acumen and dedication to Hattiesburg to work for the good of all of the citizens of Hattiesburg.

In 1990, the City Council requested that the Legislature of the State of Mississippi create this body and empower it to realize this vision of economic importance. In 1991, the Hattiesburg Convention Commission was formed with a legislative mandate to develop a convention center and other tourism-related facilities that would bring new revenues to our community.

Since that time, the HCC has helped bring new dollars into our local economy by constructing, renovating, and operating six attractions. These attractions bring over $50 million in visitor spending to Hattiesburg’s economy each year.

The HCC has worked to achieve the vision this community set in action when the Commission was established. So far, six tourism attractions have been created to escalate the impact of visitors and to grow the long-term economic benefits to all of Hattiesburg. With this as its historical precedent, the Commission continues to look forward.