Congratulations!! You found the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum…. The tiniest museum in Mississippi!

This museum hosts collections of every sort and is meant to inspire, delight, and intrigue as you peer into our “cabinet of curiosities”!

We want you to become a part of our ever-changing museum! We accept collections of all types from the whimsical (perhaps, a collection of tiny felt mice) to the macabre (maybe, bejeweled skulls or bones).

To submit a collection for consideration to be exhibited, please read the following:

1.  The collection needs to be between 30-50 items. However, we will consider any unusual collection if it strikes our fancy!

2.  You must submit at least five photographs of your items. We will then determine if these would be a good fit for the museum and how we might display them. You may include details about items that would be of interest to the public in understanding your collection. 

3.  Items are on loan to the Museum (administered by the Hattiesburg Convention Commission) for 60 days. We commit to exhibiting them for a minimum of 30 days (except in February).

4.  Your collection will be returned to you upon removal at the end of your ‘month’, and when the next collection is ready for display.

5.  Although the museum is monitored by security cameras and installed behind special protective glass, the Museum is not responsible for loss or damage to your collection.

6.  By submitting your collection for consideration via email, you are agreeing to the instructions and terms contained herein should you be chosen to exhibit. 

7.  The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum reserves the right to present the museum and its contents in the manner that we desire.

8.  The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum reserves the right to change things that don’t work for us.

9.  The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum reserves the right to close loopholes on the spot.

10.  The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum reserves the right to improve our terms and agreements.

To inquire, submit, or otherwise comment, please email the Museum at

 Our September 2020 exhibition was for the birds, well…ducks. Rubber ducks, that is!

September has been an exciting month for the Pocket Museum and for downtown Hattiesburg! We hosted the first Great Downtown Duck Hunt and everyone had a blast! Unfortunately, our alley cat (statue) named Charlie was murdered (broken)….so very sad….but we are so thankful to have many loyal followers and friends looking out for our special place now! Thank you to everyone that joined in making September a huge “ducking” success! See if you can spot our last ever photo of Charlie with all of his parts in our gallery above.

 Our September inDUCKtee into the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum is… 

The Rubber Duck! 

This beloved toy dates back to the mid-1800s when rubber manufacturing started. Many rubber animals were crafted, but the duck seemed to be the one toy that mothers found would coax their children into the weekly washtub. (During this time, the weekly bath was shared by all the family and kids were bathed last…when the water was at its murkiest.) 

The Rubber Duck caught a HUGE break on February 25, 1970 when Ernie from Sesame Street got into his tubby with nice, fluffy suds and belted out the tune, “Rubber Duckie(voiced by Mississippi’s own JIM HENSON)! This single not only sold 1 million copies, but topped #16 on the “Hot 100” charts and was nominated for a Grammy! 

Rubber Ducks have also played an important role in tracking ocean currents and the movement of accumulating plastics in the ocean. In 1992, a cargo ship accidently dropped 28,000 rubber ducks into the North Pacific. For years, these lost ducks found their way to Alaska, Hawaii, China, the Artic, and even Maine. While tragic, scientists learned valuable information on how “garbage patches” are formed in our oceans. 

Can you find the ‘duck-tor’ with a stethoscope? 

Did you spot the double yolk? 

Would you like one with a side of fries? 

Did you find all of today’s letters? 

Objects: various rubber ducks 

Collection brought to you by: the letters W, T & F and the number 2020 

 For the August 2020 exhibition, we present to you the ultimate “pocket” collection…. The Swiss Army Knife! 

The first Swiss Army knives were developed in the late 1880s and were not actually Swiss, they were made in Germany! (But only for a few short years until the Swiss landed the army contract!) 

The knives were used by the Swiss Army to open cans and repair rifles, thus, their multi-tool function. They became famous in the United States from GI’s bringing them home from WWII. 

There are currently over 100 models of this popular brand of knife all with different tools including screwdrivers, corkscrews, can openers, flashlights, ballpoint pens, and even a USB drive. These knives are so useful they have been carried by astronauts into space and been used to make “out of this world” repairs! 

Here, in the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum, this collection features many of the limited edition knives that Victorinox has produced each year since 2010. 

Can you find the knife made of cheese? 

Did you spot the skateboard knife? 

Have you visited all the National Parks featured? 

Did you see William Tell? 

Objects: Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Knives  Collection of: Anonymous